Top Places to Invest in Bali in 2023

Top Places to Invest in Bali in 2023

Known as the enchanting “Island of Gods,” Bali has perpetually captivated global tourists, drawn by its idyllic tropical way of life, breathtaking beaches, and lush rice terraces. Given Bali’s enduring popularity and steady stream of visitors annually, investing in this island offers a compelling opportunity for generating substantial income. Nevertheless, with numerous appealing locations to choose from, determining the ideal investment destination can be a daunting task. In this article, we unveil our handpicked selection of the prime investment spots in Bali for the year 2023.

1. Nusa Penida

With its roaring waves and stunning cliff-top views, Nusa Penida has become the latest hotspot for investors in Bali. The island is full of untamed natural beauty and has been attracting many tourists each year. Due to the island’s proximity, and the still affordable property rates, it makes an excellent investment opportunity.

2. Cemagi

Located just a few kilometers north of Canggu, Cemagi is a hidden paradise that has yet to gain the popularity it deserves – and it will. The area is still untouched by commercial development, and the natural beauty reigns supreme. Cemagi is a perfect location for those who want to settle minutes away from the beach, in a serene and peaceful ambiance.

3. Ubud

Ubud, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and spiritual essence, has emerged as a top choice for travelers seeking an authentic Balinese experience. In response to its surging popularity, the demand for rental properties in Ubud has grown significantly. As the town continues to expand, it presents a plethora of intriguing and diverse investment opportunities. With its vibrant streets and a constant influx of tourists, investing in Ubud offers a safe option, generating a steady flow of income and delivering a rapid return on investment.

Our curated selection of properties in Ubud

4. Kedungu

Situated in West Bali, Kedungu is another low-key locale that has been a surfer’s favorite for a while, and that has recently caught the eye of investors. The pristine black sand beaches and stunning views make Kedungu an ideal location for those looking to invest in the island’s natural beauty. Property prices are still affordable, making it an excellent opportunity for long-term investment.

5. Munduk

Located in the highlands, Munduk is a refreshing break from the island’s humidity and heat. The area is renowned for its cooler temperature and scenic views, making it a perfect location for tourists looking for something different. Investing in Munduk can offer a chance to cater to a niche market still unexploited by commercial investors.

6. Sanur

Sanur is an excellent location for real estate investment due to its location, infrastructure, and potential for return on investment. The town’s popularity as a tourist destination, combined with its well-developed infrastructure, makes it an attractive location for investors, particularly in the hospitality industry.


Bali has always been a popular tourist destination, and investing in the Island of Gods can be an excellent source of revenue. Investors should consider the above-mentioned places for effective long-term investment options. Before investing, it is essential to research the legalities of investing in Bali and consult with an experienced real estate agent if necessary. Investing in Bali can be very lucrative, provided the investment is made wisely.

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  1. As a long time Bali Resident and investor I do agree with this assessment, however I believe you have forgotten an area that I see as either currently being number 1 or 2 in the pecking order and that is the the Bukit

    Whilst Ukuwatu Abd it’s west coast all the way up to Jimbaran is booming with many Bali Residents moving south from Seminyak , Canggu etc, the southern Bukit coast is seeing major infrastructure development with the first phase of the Bali RingRoad being completed early 2024

    The southern coastline from Nusa Dua until Melasti beach has the most dramatic coastline, and undoubtedly the very best beaches on the island. Some incredible beach clubs have been developed in Sawangan, Pandawa And Melasti and Bukit Pandawa has just been sold to different investors and as such the Msndarin Oriental , Chevalier Blanc ( Louis Vuitton) , and Waldorf Astoria are all restarting their projects
    The current leader of the land has the potential to avoid all the pitfalls of the so-called prime areas in Valley through proper road access , green zones and the distribution of real estate
    I strongly believe that this is where quality will invest. Many years ago, the area was labelled, the Beverly Hills Of Bali, and even though I really dislike any comparison to the USA, and I think that this is very smart people will invest. Only 20 minutes from the airport with the overwater Expressway and an incredible coastline with a rapidly developing social scene.

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