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Investing in Bali on a Budget : 150k$ to 500k$

Investing in Bali on a Budget : 150k$ to 500k$

Starting a real estate project in Bali is really thrilling, especially if you have between $150,000 to $500,000 to invest. In Ubud, known for its beautiful scenery and lively local life, Emas Estate invites you to check out different smart investment options. This isn’t just about making money – it’s your chance to really experience Bali’s special vibe. Each property has its own unique story and your investment helps add to the island’s unique charm.

Build Your Own 3 to 5 Bedroom Villa: Bringing Your Balinese Dream Home to Life

Constructing your ideal villa in Bali is feasible with a budget ranging from $150,000 to $500,000. With the lower end of the budget, you can lease land and construct a cozy 3-bedroom villa near Ubud. If your budget is towards the upper limit, you can build a luxurious 4 or 5-bedroom villa with stunning ocean views in Nusa Penida.

However, this project requires expert guidance. It’s crucial to collaborate with skilled professionals, including real estate agents and legal advisors for acquiring land, local architects for design, seasoned project managers for overseeing construction, and a proficient property manager to maximize rental income.

This venture is best suited for investors who are well-acquainted with Bali’s environment and can spend several months a year on the island.

Potential ROI* : 12% to 25% 

Buy an Off-Plan Developer Villa: Investment Made Easy

Choosing off-plan villas presents a convenient alternative to constructing your own, especially for those unfamiliar with design and building processes in Bali. Opting for an off-plan villa eliminates the complexities of design and construction, which can be daunting for those unsure of the possibilities and limitations in Bali. Developers often have experienced in-house architects, and their expertise usually results in well-designed villas tailored for maximum rental profitability.

While initially, off-plan villas may seem more expensive due to developer’s margins, they can be cost-effective in the long run. Building your own villa comes with the risk of costly mistakes, whereas developers often have the advantage of negotiating lower construction costs, potentially leading to a more favorable selling price.

If you’re considering working with a developer, it’s crucial to verify their track record. For those without a history, arrange a meeting to discuss their experience and request references. At Emas Estate, we implement a rigorous vetting process for developers to assure our clients of a reliable, profitable investment experience.

Potential ROI* : 10% to 18% 

Buy an Existing Villa with a Proven Track Record: Invest in Proven Success

Investing in an existing villa presents a unique opportunity, offering the benefit of a proven rental track record. This allows you to have a clear understanding of potential revenues, unlike the uncertainties associated with self-built or off-plan developer villas.

Another advantage of existing villas is the immediacy of earnings. In contrast, off-plan villas require waiting for construction completion before generating income, which could take over a year. Building your own villa can extend this timeline even further.

However, it’s important to note that existing villas often yield a slightly lower return on investment (ROI) compared to other options. This trade-off reflects a balance between risk and reward, with existing villas generally being a lower-risk investment. When considering this route, it’s crucial to have the villa professionally inspected to ensure safety and assess any necessary renovations for enhancing rental income.

At Emas Estate, we streamline this process for you. We offer a comprehensive turnkey investment solution, enabling safe investment in existing villas without the need for a personal visit. This allows you to invest confidently and enjoy your next vacation with the profits already accrued.

Potential ROI* : 10% to 15% 

Invest in a Local Business: Beyond Real Estate Ventures

If you possess entrepreneurial spirit, starting or acquiring a business in Bali could be a highly lucrative venture. However, like all business endeavors, it involves its own set of risks. Conducting thorough market and feasibility studies, understanding legal aspects, and developing a solid business plan are crucial steps for success. When executed well, it can become a rewarding, long-term endeavor.

Bali’s culinary scene includes many top restaurants owned by international entrepreneurs. You could join their ranks, but keep in mind that the food and beverage industry demands extensive knowledge and constant management. Other viable investment options include investing in a small resort or launching a fashion store.

At Emas Estate, we collaborate with local business owners to offer foreign investors unique investment opportunities. We assist in either investing in existing businesses or facilitating the purchase of them, providing a gateway to the vibrant business landscape of Bali.


As we embark on this exploration of real estate investments in Bali with budgets ranging from $150,000 to $500,000, each option opens doors to unique and thrilling possibilities. Whether you choose to build a personalized villa, invest in off-plan developments, purchase a proven success, or venture into local businesses, Emas Estate invites you to embrace the diversity of opportunities Bali presents. Let this journey be not just a financial endeavor but a harmonious blend of success and a deep connection to the island’s unparalleled charm.


And if you think these options are a big over budget for you, check out our article on investment strategies below 150,000$.


*ROIs are purely indicative, and can greatly vary. We recommend potential buyer to ask or calculate for precise ROI estimates when considering any investment.

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