Co-invest in exciting projects

Ever wished to build a hotel? To develop a retreat center? To be part of an exciting entrepreneurial experience without breaking the bank?

We selected a few projects and did the pre due diligence for you. With a minimum ticket size of fewer than 50,000 USD, crowdfunding is a great way to co-invest in entrepreneurial projects, with exciting returns.

How does it work?


We select the projects

Access to vetted projects
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Each project goes through thorough due diligence: legal, financials, feasibility, exit strategy…
Our team of MBAs, real estate agents, lawyers, and contractors leaves nothing to chance.


You investigate

Meet with the project team
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“Good investors invest in people rather than ideas.”

Trust and transparency are at the core of every entrepreneurial project. By meeting (physically or online) the team in charge of the project, you can determine if your interests will be well taken care of.


You become part of the project

Invest with confidence
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Either through a shareholders agreement or a loan vehicle, our legal team based in Indonesia and Singapore ensures that your rights are protected.

Any questions? We arrange a free consultation to clear any doubts.

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